Wednesday, January 20, 2010

winter and friends.....

It is queer,how our mind functions.How the simplest of things get us flagged onto the maze of memories,relationships and the intricacies of life and how the most weird and complex things leave us numb and blank.
Winters in Delhi ,and all the paraphrenalia associated with it (hot cuppas ,steaming momos,rajaais,peanuts and FOG)are a very complex event at times.At other times it just means mercury moving further north and it is very cold.
"COLD" a word that gets stuck in my mind nowadays,every time I sit to 'meet' my online friends on social networking.I ask myself ,is this winter the coldest as all the news channels are screaming or is it because most of the faces one meets in virtual space are as cold as ice.All of us derive a lot of pleasure in looking at peoples profiles and don't hesitate to give the cold shoulder if a "friend"t tries to come too close for comfort.
I am lucky ,because most of my friends are people I know or knew in real at some point in time.But I get a
cold shudder when I think about you Sonee.A few years from now ,when you will be able to use the word and understand the feeling FRIEND,will there be time and space available to have real and true friends.
I'll pray for you and hope that none of your winters are as cold and the warmth of glowing friendship will extend beyond an electronic screen in your life.

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario

The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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