Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My reservations about women's reservation

  1. When will the clowns of the great indian circus,popularly known as our parliament ,learn to respect national time and money?
  2. Is reservation an intelligent solution?
  3. Does having more women MPs improve the lot of a common indian woman?
  4. How will we prevent proxy-politics that this kind of reservation usually leads to?
  5. Isn't it more essential to have more gender-sensitive legislators , irrespective of their own gender?
  6. If all political parties were so pro-women(as they all claim now), why did it take 12 long years to get this bill passed?
  7. Doesn't this whole fiasco make women feel like mere pawns in the dirty games of politics?
  8. What about the majority of indian women who are still illiterate and more so what about those literate ones who are on the exploiter's side?
  9. Don't we need only an attitude change as far as status of women in india is concerned?
  10. Finally ,does anyone seem to care about the more than 50000 girls being killed in india every year?

    Maybe it is just too little too late , but then better late than never.

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