Thursday, April 8, 2010


Each year, over 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence. For every person who dies as a result of violence, many more are injured and suffer in multiple inexplicable ways. Religious and political ideologies have been the cause of interpersonal violence throughout history.Shakespeare had said," Violent delights have violent ends."What happened in Dantewada on 6 April ,2010 has proved this right.
      In India ,violence has many ugly faces ranging from the very personal domestic one to the social cousins like caste and religion based violence,terroerism and lately the worst of all naxal violence.A struggle that began in Naxalbari in 1957 with its aim to replace the old feudal order with one that would implement land reforms and free the poor from the clutches of landlords has metamorphisised into a deadly war.
     Claiming that they are fighting on behalf of lower-caste Indians, the Naxal outfits in different zones have imposed illegal taxes; demanded food and shelter from villagers; abducted and killed ‘class enemies’, government officials, police officers and others whom they consider to be opponents; and hampered the delivery and utilisation of funds meant for the development of isolated countryside, adversely affecting the lives of the people they claim to represent.
     Seminars,conferences,books ,articles,political statements,none of these change the harsh reality of naxal violence.We cannot shake hands with clenched fists.So hands and hearts need to be opened on both sides so that incidents like Dantewada are not repeated.
Yes ,the easy way out would be more violence as an answer but that is not a permanent solution.Ignoring the root causes of widespread social unrest should not continue.Force is not a solution to any problem. Some times using force becomes counter-productive and enhances any movement. As the Naxal issue is deeply rooted in the social and economic disparities in the remote and tribal areas so using force is only aggravating the problem. These areas are deprived of fruits of development .
The Red corridor is trapped in a vicious cycle of underdevelopment and violence. The foot soldiers of the movement believe that the Naxalite movement will bring about development and prosperity.
The answer doesn't lie in cutting off the infected organ but trying to integrate it back into the mainstream.
May peace win!

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