Monday, November 19, 2012


I usually refrain from writing about God on this blog no because I am an atheist but because I am not religious.This time the inspiration comes from an unusual quarter- OH MY GOD ,the film.

Isn't it strange that over the years most of us lose the distinction between God and religion.We pray and worship,do the rituals,participate in the festivities ,basically are our religious best most of the times but we never really come close to God,we ask and apologize but never just talk or just listen.

I happened to be born into a Hindu home,had a christian missionary and convent education and am lucky to have friends from various cultures and backgrounds.So with due respect to all religions,the ones that I directly know and the ones I don't here are my set of queries for Mr.God :

  • Do we need loud blaring bhajans set to filmy tunes and glaring lights to show devotion?
  • Does God bother if a few human beings get inconvenienced by his over-enthusiastic devotees stalling traffic or being plain rowdy?
  • What would Jesus prefer, a cathedral full of candles or a quiet candle lit dinner in a needy home?
  • What would Krishna want more,a chapan bhog(56 course meal) alone in a temple or a handful of chanas shared with a Sudama?
  • What makes a Gurudwara grand,its highest or shiniest dome or its open doors for all?
  • Did Allah or Lord Rama actually permit violence in their names?
My list is very long but for now....a few answers would suffice.

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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