Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hashtag YOLO : A lesson for 2014 from 2013

The world is often divided into two groups those who live by the Internet and those who curse it for everything from divorces to crime.
I belong in neither at times and at times in both, Internet amuses me with its capability to create and demolish so many alternate identities and world in a moment for so many of us.

So yes I am no extremist who says Internet is ALL trash and my takeaway from the online world this year for my inner world is one of its most popular words - YOLO

I am not an abbreviation person per se and I am often at sea when I chat with some of my ex-students and younger cousins who use these like their first language.

But this one kind of stuck a chord-  YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE

Yes this is the lesson, the essence , the core of it all. There is only one 01/01/2014, that 2013 that went by just yesterday is not coming back ever again and similarly you and I may live similar moments of joy and sorrow again and again but neither will be the SAME ever.

I always believe the most precious, important and surreal thing happening to all of us is LIFE itself and we focus on everything else but living. Imagine how much we miss of the essence in trying to grasp the trimmings- jobs, belongings, material comforts.....

Imagine you get a vacation to your favourite spot and carrying a lot of extra baggage that restricts your moving around. And now imagine going through this wonderful world with so much of extra baggage- prejudices, hatred, anger, regret.

So every time my heart sinks in pessimism, or I am hurt, angry, frustrated I will tell myself- My dear #YOLO you only live once- LIVE IT, give it your best shot and as I always say LET IT GO.

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario

The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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